If you live in South East London, then congratulations!  You are officially part of its colourful landscape - a mesh of old and new, tradition and diversity, rich in choice and strong in community. 


But if you haven't uncovered all its beauty yet, you have come to the right place! S.E. Sussed is all about the joys of South East London living - family style.  The events to be aware of, the places to go, restaurants to try, shops to visit, pop ups to check out, markets to explore, artists to discover, and the hidden gems that get uncovered along the way. 


Whether you are new to the area and have just started a family, or fancy finding out more about it in general this space is for you. You can read my blog for insights on places to go, new things to try and some of the reasons SE London is such a great place to live in, follow me on Twitter for real time information on the latest happenings around the area, or check out my Insta feed for a more visual approach to SE London.


Affordable or extravagant - we’ve got it sussed.