I am a children's writer, and a local mum living with two children one husband and two cats in South East London.



I am lucky enough to be represented by the fabulous Cathpole Agency and am on my way to publish my first Picture book!



Writing can be quite isolating, and SE Sussed was a great way to stay engaged with the world outside.  My local community became a real lifeline, which is why I am still a big supporter of all things local!



So if you want to keep an eye on what is going on in the area, or if you enjoy learning about children’s books you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Personally, I find writing about myself a little hard work, but I feel it is always a privilege when someone asks if they can feature you.


So I was really happy when local business Kings Tutors asked to interview me.


You can read the full feature here.

I was also nominated as one of 'London's Most Inspirational Instagram Mums to Follow Now' by The Resident Magazine, which really took me by surprise! 


If am honest, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase some of the great outings in SE London, and I am thrilled that people have been taking note and getting to know the area a little better.


If I am helping others be inspired about the neighbourhood, then surely that can only be a good thing!


There were seven other great mums nominated too, and well worth a follow. You can read the full article here.

We SE Londoners are very supportive of one another and the fabulous SE London Blog was kind enough to write a feature about me.


Recently, we have also been discussing ways we can work together so watch this space!